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November 2023 : Designer 1  (Calendar Pack)

November 2023 : Designer 1 (Calendar Pack)


November 2023 : Designer 1 (Calendar Pack)

Upgrade your planning and entertainment tools with our meticulously crafted Designer Calendar Pack, tailor-made to infuse style, convenience, and versatility into your activities.


🌟 What You Get:

  • A professionally designed, fillable PDF calendar.
  • Multiple size options for varied needs (all included):
    • Poster (20" x 14") - Perfect for display in common areas.
    • Legal (14" x 8.5") - Ideal for detailed planning.
    • Letter (11" x 8.5") - Best for personal use or desk display.


Exclusive Offer! 🎉 Why settle for just one when you can access a treasure trove? By subscribing to for just $19/month or $199/year, you unlock:

  • Our entire collection of monthly calendar templates.
  • Advanced AI tools to streamline your planning process.
  • A rich library of game templates including bingo, word find, and more!
  • Freshly curated and designed calendar templates, updated and released every month. Always stay two steps ahead in your planning!


SUBSCRIBE and get all templates for FREE!


Remember: We're committed to keeping you prepared, releasing our calendar designs 2 months in advance, ensuring timely and efficient planning.


But, if a subscription isn't up your alley, you can always pick and choose your desired templates for purchase as needed. Dive into a world of organized planning and entertainment today!

The revised description now showcases the range of templates available with the subscription, emphasizing the diverse value subscribers receive.


*Works with FREE version of Adobe Reader & other PDF readers.  Just add your content, save & print.


Note: Because of the digital format of this product, we cannot offer refunds.

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